And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation


The following prayer was not written by Francis of Assisi but sums up his ideal and although probably written at the end of the 19th or beginning of the 20th century, is relevant for us today.

The following adaptation was written by Br. Michael Daly. C.J. 2007


Prayer of St Francis


Lord make me an instrument of your Shalom (peace)

Where hatred lives...let me sow love;

Where injury has divided and hurt...may I sow reconciliation, bringing pardon, healing and deliverance;

Where doubt pervades...let me sow true faith in you;

Where despair destroys...let me bring the hope of your gospel;

Where darkness is the covering...let me dispel it by bringing the light of your presence;

Where sadness consumes...let me sow joy, that all may with joy draw water from you the wellspring of our salvation.


Divine Master and Lord of all consolation, grace and love; grant that I may by your Holy Spirit, console, understand and love all whom I meet, communicate and share this earth with, seeking always to serve their needs rather than my own. For in giving we receive, in pardoning we are pardoned and in dying we are born to eternal life, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

















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