And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation


Please remember us in your prayers as we seek to serve the Lord.



Br. Michael Mouthuy - Australia

Br. Kevin Blogg - UK

Br. Richard Snyder - France

Br. Robin Westwood - UK

Br. Anthony - UK

Br. Nemo - USA

Brother George - UK

Brother Alan - UK

Sister Joy - USA - (Solitary Oblate 02/2015)

Sister Nancy _ USA

Brother Philip - USA

Sister Marisha - USA

Sister Beth Ann - USA

Brother Robert - USA

Brother Thomas - USA

Brother Raymond - USA

Brother Richard - USA

Brother Kyle - USA

Brother Benjamin Ssennoga - Uganda

Sister Fiona - Scotland

Brother David Holdsworth -  Scotland

Brother Michael Finnon - UK

Brother David Taylor - UK

Sister Angie - UK

Sister Sally - UK

Brother Benjamin Harris - UK

Sister Carolyn - UK

Sister Brenda - UK

Sister Annie - UK

Sister Alison - UK - RIP September 2014

Brother Roger - UK

Br. Michael Daly - UK













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